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We are a one-stop service provider of professional Person-directed Care. From home support to community life and nursing care, the services of HappyCare team include everything our elders need. We closely take care of the elders and patients in order to promote our HappyCare lifestyle, so that our service receivers feel happy and self-repected.


We provide the most appropriate healthcare plan to the families of our patients so that our patients can live with peace of mind in their community life.

HappyCare Service Features

Community Partnership Programs

Home companionship and training programs: strengthening caregiver skills, assisting patients in continuous rehabilitation with appropriate supports.

Intimate Care Supports

Professional one-stop caring services according to the personal needs of service providers and caregivers.

Our Service

Professional Assessment

Assessing the needs of person-directed care to develop the most appropriate care plan for professionals and caregivers.

Short-term Care Support

Providing transitional care support options (e.g. short-term institutional care services, referral to home-baseds caregiver services, etc.

Home Care Training

"Home Care Professional Training and Rehabilitation Guidance Program" adds values to caring skills and rehabilitation abilities.

Home Makeover Services

Coordinating tailor-made safe home environment makeover and assistive facilities for patients to prevent home accidents.

About US

Our company adopts a brand new Eden Alternative approach to incorporate a different caring culture to our professional service. We work for different needs of aging population and disabled people in Hong Kong to make changes for their lives. Our goal is to ease the loneliness, helplessness and dullness of our patients in order to improve their quality of life. We are a group of experienced professionals connected with excellent caring partners to provide outstanding services with innovative caring culture.

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Suite 1, 1211B, Blk A, Hunghom Commerical Centre, 39 Ma Tau Wai Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

+852 93768944 / +852 35693540

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